- Warning -
This tool does not guarantee your product production.
I (poser-ism Toshiyo) recommend the backup of a resource file.
Also, I (poser-ism Toshiyo) do not take responsibility at all, even if you suffer damage.

<Texture Plane> This tool does the simple processing of texture by utilizing Plane object.

(1): Go (button)
Load of Plane object, and setting of a camera and light.
Load of default light("Even 360"), delete plane and return of a view point with "Right DoubleClick".
(In the case that you were changing the directory of it it is not loaded. )

(2): Top Tex (button)
The texture of the front (top) is loaded.
(It is done a rendering with 0 size 1 time.)

(3): Under Tex (button)
The texture of the back (under) is loaded.

(4): Top (button)
The plane of the front (top) is selected.

(5): Under (button)
The plane of the back (under) is selected.
(Top plane is hidden.)

(6): Top Plane Transparency _category
(slider control)
The transparency of top plane is adjusted.
R (button)
Slider control is reset to default value.

(7): Light Controller _category
Intensity, R, G, B of a light are adjusted with slider control.
The value of Intensity, R, G, B of a light are returned to a default value with "R"button or "Reset All"button.

(8): size (spinner control)
Rendering size is set up.

(9): Default (button)
It returns to the setting of all the default.

(10): Render (button)
It does a rendering.
Finally, a rendering option of poser needs to be adjusted.

For example,
Push a "Go" button.
Next, texture is loaded to plane of under.

Loading different texture to plane of the top, and it does a little transparently.

For example, top plane is processed with a Morphing tool of poser.

The transparent value of plane is returned.
Rendering size is set up.
It does a rendering.
Please adjust a rendering option of poser finally.