- Warning -
This tool does not guarantee your product production.
I (poser-ism Toshiyo) recommend the backup of a resource file.
Also, I (poser-ism Toshiyo) do not take responsibility at all, even if you suffer damage.

<ActDStyle> This tool changes the display mode of Actor.

(1): mode (radio button)
The display mode of Actor changes whenever you push "Apply"button, when you check "rotation".
The display mode of A and B are exchanged whenever you push "Apply" button, in the case that you checked "replace".

(2): deformers (check box)
When you check it the display mode of only deformer (Zone) changes.

(3): replace (choice list)
The display mode of A and B are selected.

(4): Apply (button)
A display mode is applied.

It is the example that changed display of the deformer (Zone) and display of the head.
The display mode of deformer (Zone) is applied to all the Zone of document.


<ActHide> This tool hides except for Actor that is selecting it.

(1): All the kinds (check box)
When you check it, it is applied to All the kinds (Figure and Prop).
It is applied to only Figure or Prop when you uncheck.

(2): other Hide (button)
Whenever you push a button it makes a display or hidden.
All the items that are hiding with a "Right Click" are displayed.


<VisibleRender> This Tool does not do Figure or Actor that selected it Rendering.

(1): Individual actor (check box)
When it does a check it does not do only Actor visible rendering. (For example the parts of Figure only)
When you uncheck, it does not do visible rendering all parts of Figure.

(2): VisibleRender (button)
Whenever you push a button it does not do visible rendering or visible rendering.

(3): --- (text)
When it does Left Click you are able to check simply, visible rendering or not visible rendering.

(4): Inquiry (button)
You can check Actor that is not done visible rendering.

It is the example that avoided doing head rendering.